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tv   France 24 Mid- Day News  LINKTV  May 27, 2014 2:30pm-3:01pm PDT

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>> our top story -- european leaders are trying to digest the results from the elections. the swing from the far right and far left parties has left top politicians with much to contemplate. they have been meeting for an informal summit in brussels will stop let's take a listen to the french president. i can be against the fact that a quarter french voters
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voted for the far right, but that is how they voted. buildssages we shouldn't policy against your about policy were people can find a place within europe. it is precisely because france voted this way that i feel even more concerned, mobilized, involved in reorienting europe. >> the british prime minister was not holding anything back. david cameron says brussels has gotten too big and too bossy. take a listen. >> we need an approach that toognizes europe wants concentrate on what matters, growth and jobs and not trying to do so much. we need an approach that recognizes brussels has gotten too big, too bossy, and to interfering. we should be nationstates wherever possible. europe only where necessary. joined bye, we are
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our reporter in brussels. rex -- >> he was very clear there when he said he wanted less europe and not more europe. he's not the only one. 30% of the voters who went to the polls voted for parties that want less europe. in the united kingdom, one into voters voted for parties calling for a referendum on the european membership all stop the liberal democrats in the u.k. only got one seat in the european parliament that makes up 751. they had 12 seats. they had some federalist amongst them and they absolutely wiped out. the apathy ofwas low turnout in the european elections. europeanshose eligible to vote. this proves that people are sick and tired of rustles and institutions like this making decisions behind closed doors
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and not reaching out and engaging with people in the right way. so the people are calling for and gentlemen's agreements less behind closed doors agreements and more transparency. that remainsissue to be resolved as who would be the head of the european commission. >> that is the other question. europeanoment, if the council plays by the rules, it would be the former prime minister of luxembourg all stop he is a real insider and the head of the euro group that drove europe through as many summits, the eurozone summits, but the problem is he might have the endorsement of the socialists and the greens but that does not mean he will get a qualified majority. david cameron and the prime minister of hungary have said they are not so keen on him eating the next president of the european mr.. other names -- one thing you have to do is ask -- is respect
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gender equality and the political spectrum. it will take a good few weeks to find out the next one. >> staying in brussels, the leaders of france and italy joined the belgian prime minister to pay homage to the victims of last weekend's deadly attack at the jewish museum in the city. the french president joined to meet with jewish leaders outside the museum. the men bowed their heads to a rabbis prayer. belgian investigators are probing a possible terror link in the shooting by a lone gunman that left three people dead stop -- three people dead. beenraine, gunfire has echoing through the eastern ukrainian city. the mayor urged residents to stay in their homes. the interior ministry says the military is in full control of the local airport after pro-russian separatist were said
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to have been killed in an attempt to take it over on monday. hospital,rived at the pro-russian separatists injured in clashes in a battle for the control of the nearby airport. >> the military are in control of the airport. we wanted to kick them out but had many more men than us. we managed to seize the main building but they started firing at us all stop -- started firing at us. >> the roads to the strategic base lined with burned-out trucks and boxes of prepared molotov cocktails. smoke the load from the terminal late in the day. separatists seized the airport in the early hours of monday morning before the ukrainian army responded quickly, retaking the sites with concentrated airstrikes and heavily armed troops. to mayor urged civilians stay behind doors as sporadic
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and fire continues between the two sides. the newly elected ukrainian president has vowed to tackle this uprising in hours come and not months. he said his first official business will be to go to the speak to russia to try to end the crisis. >> oh boko haram has struck again in nigeria -- gunmen attacked a military base and please iraq's. -- and police barracks. comes ast attacks cameron announced it will deploy more troops to its border region to counter the islamic militants. meanwhile, the nigerian military says it is now known where the local girls kidnapped by bo boko haram are. they claim they could be endangered in an armed rescue. more than 200 girls were up acted from their school in april, prompting international outrage. >> the news made front-page
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headlines on tuesday -- the country's military say they know the location of more than 200 schoolgirls kidnapped by boko haram. the problem now is getting them out alive. >> we want our girls back. we can do it. i know we can do it. >> the military argue that a raid on the site would be too dangerous. in the capital come many nigerians approved of the army's restraints. >> find the will to not start shooting. we don't want those girls to be hurt. >> if the girls get killed, the whole thing is useless. >> goodluck jonathan has come under fire for failing to rescue the girls will stop mediators
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agreed to a prisoner exchange, only for goodluck jonathan to rule out the swap. he was slow to request international help, only accepting support from the u.s., britain, and france last week. neighboring cameroon announce the deployment of a thousand troops near the nigerian border to cancel the growing threat. a it is their second vote for president in as many years and egyptian voters are showing their wariness. it is hard to find a commentary -- a commentator that would bet turnout, but the army has had to launch a concerted effort to get the electorate to the polls. an unexpected third day of voting is being held now. our correspondent is in cairo and has been speaking with voters. >> we are here with a woman at a polling station, a pro-cc
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neighborhood and it's still pretty quiet the moment. today has been declared a national holiday for 6 million government of alloys and requiring companies to do the same to live their workers the day off. people will probably come in later when they get. the polling stations are set to remain open until at least 10:00 tonight. >> yesterday, i was told it was going to be crowded, so i came this morning because it's quieter. >> it is hot today and it's a bank holiday, some people are going to sleep and come in the evening. >> it's not the first time i vote, but it's the first time i vote for the candidate i want and i feel good news is going to come. i have voted and i believe he will be a good president at home and abroad. preciseve no information of the turnout at the national level but it officials told us here that
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roughly a third of the voters on the list turned up yesterday came to cast their ballots in the third day of voting. both candidates have called on all voters to go to the polls. they're hoping at least 40 million will cast their ballots over two days and his only opponent, for him, it is a matter of convincing young voters who are the most likely to support elected candidates. >> voting has been extended now into a third day in egypt. moving on -- he may have been meeting with leaders of seven countries this tuesday but all day were on one encounter a after his inauguration -- the indian youth prime minister -- the new indian premise are talking with his pakistani counterpart. india called on pakistan to tackle the militant groups creating instability in the region. he was unperturbed, describing
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the dialogue as historic. >> we had a good and constructive meeting this afternoon. held in a warm and cordial atmosphere. rid the region of insecurity and instability that has plagued us for decades. >> troops in thailand obtained a cabinet minister who emerge from hiding. the education minister condemned last week's military coup and urged a return to civilian rule. if the first public appearance by any member of the ousted government since the army takeover following six months of local unrest there. shallottem of our between benevolence and repression. the thai army on tuesday announced they were freeing the ousted prime minister. she had been detained since last week.
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just moments later, they arrested the former education minister, who was seized at the foreign correspondents club where he held a press conference criticizing the junta will stop -- the junta. rex this is not the solution to the problems in thai society. but you made the country even worse. >> military sources say the prime minister has been unable to return home, but details are scarce. hundreds of people besides the inhority staged protests bangkok for the fifth day running, calling for snap election will stop -- calling for snap elections. >> it's wrong to seize power and apply a double standard. one side is always right and another site is always wrong. if they take over power, they have to set the date for the next election as soon as possible. the general who initiated the
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military takeover has said elections will take place without giving any details as to when. next up, it's time to take a look at the is is news. first up, fighting in use in the eastern ukraine and kiev and moscow are wheeling and dealing over gas supplies. tuesday,gain, this ukraine's acting prime minister has renewed accusations that still natural gas when it annexed crimea earlier this year. he spoke at a government meeting and says russia owes ukraine gas worth a billion dollars after the crimean annexation. this comes as russia is demanding ukraine and the ukrainian company pays russia $3.5 billion for natural gas deliveries. moscow has threatened to cut off gas supplies, which is part years of european supplies being
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affected further down the line will stop the european commissioner is trying to rope or a compromise deal between the two parties. after holding talks in berlin, the two sides have until wednesday evening to make up their minds. >> if the agreement between the companies is not signed by may 29, as required iv pre-arbitration demand sent by ukraine almost a month ago, then we will see does prominent court. azprom in court. >> general electric's chief executive has taken his bid to the french portland. theants to convince them of 12.3 billion euro offer for the energy business that comes ahead of a meeting between the french
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president on wednesday. the head of rival siemens also asked feith to lawmakers earlier, saying siemens will be formalizing its bid for the energy units i the 16th of june at the latest. he said the opportunity to combine the two won't happen again. >> the european choice would not be meaningless in a globalized world. it would be the only way to ensure the sustainability of our decisions, our productions, our research and investment. the opportunity of an alliance between these two great european companies with an experience or expertise will not pop up again. >> we are going to take a look at the european stock market. they set up shop this tuesday with the dax about half of that,
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brought higher by shares in deutsche hop. they say they will profit from online retail sales. other businesses in europe trading higher -- the london ftse up more than .4%. hour, united states this round about 45 minutes or so left of trading, we see indices trading higher. shares are being pumped up i stronger than expected sales for big to get items in april. consumer confidence is showing signs of hurting of the nasdaq at this hour. the dow jones falling slightly behind the two other main indices. othertalk user a few companies and stories are following for you -- fiat according to the head
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of the international entrée fun of the banks are holding more capital now than in the run-up to the financial crisis, which is a good tank, but she said the finishing line to shore up the banking system is far off will -- still far off. british bank lloyds says it will sell off shares of its business a month. thats emerged as a brand has become the seventh largest retail bank on its own. regulations are pushing lloyds to sell its entire stake to improve its position on the british high street. investment in companies location after a rush. sports acquire has joined the company's following -- following a victim to a cyber attack.
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they say only one user has been affected but still they recommend to other users to reenter their past words -- passwords for the next few days and is telling android users to update. this comes one week after ebay told users to change passwords after a cyberattacks. asia'se will turn to largest wine fair. it has opened its doors in hong kong and producers came to this event from across the world. they are there as wine sales in china have dropped as authorities rein in their luxury >> 1800 will stop exhibitors from 31 countries -- this is asia's biggest ever wine fair. it comes at a time when less wine is being drunk in china and there are calls from beijing to
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rein in luxury spending. chinese one consumption dropped by 2.5% but they are not too concerned. >> the slowdown of the economy in china last year, we still expect china to move on. the market should be more structured in a few months. >> the chinese wine market is worth several billion dollars. eager to capitalize on this, french wine producers were well represented, no doubt encouraged by the chinese president sampling regional wine in a recent visit. a 14% increase in wine sold, which shows the drop in consumption should fade away. >> it may have pushed buyers toward cheaper wine, but china's economic slowdown has not stopped people from drinking. francear, china overtook as the world's largest consumer
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of red wine, selling nearly 2 billion bottles. but that represents just one bottle year per person. wine producers still have 20 of room for expansion. wrapping up to be the business and handing it back to you. >> we will be back just a little later. right now, it is time for web news. and welcome to today's web news, where we take a look at some of the stories making online headlines. coming up on today's show -- syrian refugees satirize bashar al-assad campaign program. taking a pledge on social networks, and a unique perspective on tightrope walking. announcing hey will be running in syria's june
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3 selections. bashar al-assad has been promoting himself by facebook and online campaigns coming is going all out. aroundction campaign is the slogan in arabic for together and has been facing strong opposition online. his opponents have taken to social networks to air their grievances and some have given the slogan a sarcastic twist. his opponents say together, he and his friends destroyed, pillage, and plunder the country or murder their own people. they have also used the slogan to denounce the interaction -- the connection of the international community after more than three years of unrest. the criticism was primarily aimed at the u.n., the organization accused of turning
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russia and will stop china, bashar al-assad's allies are seen as untrustworthy in syria. every year, thousands of women are killed in india as a dowry payment. the age-old custom where the wife's family has to hand over pavements of money and gifts to her husband to secure her well-being. were released on dowry related deaths and is asking users to help light the problem by joining a social media campaign and it is receiving a great deal of support. many have posted selfies to the organization's facebook page. they are posted along with the anti-dowry pledge, hands-on heart, taking a stand against the patriarchal practice.
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they hope the campaign will raise awareness of the crimes and abuses generated by the dowry system which still exists despite being illegal. dowry related deaths have been constantly rising since 2011. were reportedly killed over dowry in india in 2012. that's around one death every hour. violenceaign targeting against women in india, a number of muslims have tried to tackle the rampant problem. missing movement has been active on social media, they say in three generation, more than 50 million men have been selectively intimated from india's population. the kremlin has announced a state-controlled search engine only accessible from russia. it went live on may 22 and it's
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creators say it will become the default tools for state-controlled organizations. withare set to compete search engines like google to control the dissemination of information. british web users have been posting under the give greg the holiday #. campaigning began after his holiday request was accidentally e-mailed to the entire arcadia group. he join the overwhelming solidarity union, giving him an all expenses paid trip to vegas.
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this info graphic is available on a website for betting online for england's national football team cost over $1 billion. the melanie -- the money could pay for three times the british capital. this drilling youtube video was filmed by a professional linesan whose snap between two hot air balloons at a pretty high altitude. the small camera gave web users a unique perspective on his spectacular performance.
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05/27/14 05/27/14 [captioning made possible by democracy now!] >> from pacifica, this is democracy now! the first step, which all our team will take from the start of our presidency, will be focused on ending the war and disorder and bring peace to ukrainian land, to united an integral ukraine. >> as ukraine alexa new president, dozens of pro-russian rebels have died in heavy fighting with ukrainian forces for control of a crucial airp


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